Her Majesty by Anna Taylor

A flash of bronze alerts me to a very special visitor,

one that flaps majestically in the early morning dawn...

The Tree by Ay Garden

It was as winter licked my fingers.

I stood below the unending leaves

Of her Majesty, the grandest...

Litter Picking by Ay Garden

I stoop down to retrieve it

The leftovers of man...

Spring. by Suruthiga Tharson

The wind exhaled,

brushing my hair back in long breaths...

No Planet B by Christina Zhang

Now Mother Earth falls ill, temperature on the climb,

Sweat beads on her forehead, a paradigm's silent chime...

A Song for the Sirens by Michelle Yeboah

Long ago, sirens sang in the sea's depths

Dark hair flowed, lips parted in woeful songs...

Watery Boston by Bianca Mints

I know I'm heading up to Boston

when the wind no long rolls and tumbles in my hair...

Mother Bird by Lanna Wilson

When the sky had once been filled with geese,

Now we cover our birds in grease...

Adam's Techno-verse by Galen Cunningham

He sits in the corner writing numbers on

luminous walls full of gratuitous graffiti,

dreaming and speaking of the end times...

Eve's Modern Eden by Galen Cunningham

I built iced citadels with zinfandel that flowed

down frozen Babylonian goddesses and into

a drainage ditch where she can soak her feet...

Fields of Emerald Green by Niamh Marsons


As I wander through fields of emerald green,

flowers blooming beneath the sun's loving gaze

i ponder on the lives that have been...

Her Eyes by Kaila Balazs


Her eyes are brown in their own gorgeous way,

They sparkle like a sunset at the end of a long day...

Hydrogen, Ocean by Elizabeth Davies


You were my oxygen,

Helping me to live every day of my life,

Helping me to love you...

I Exist in a Flower Field, A Dandelion, Bird Chatter by London Dernis


I exist in a flower field

Where roses bloom

And the bees buzz...

Fumes By Seleste


Isn't it great, the trucks we drive.

They give us the freedom that we crave.

How simple it is to start the ignition.

How simple it is...

Blood Stems (Contrapuntal) By Digby Ives O'Brien


The heart never stops

The bleeding,

Pumps of chemical saviours,

Infections of paper red

Upon the surface...

Waters That Breathe Deeply & Our Noise & Ocean Sound by Aubrey Lewis


Through the cerulean drapery

And past the ruffles of foam,

There are dancers in the deepest places...

Shades of Crimson by Vicky Liu


On the bus, I saw one of the Translink poetry entries on an ad slot

It was incredibly lazy. You could interchange 'bush meat' and 'powwows' for any other cultural buzzword and it's identity would still lay bare and skin deep.

The Shore by Mariam Elshamy


I was here long before you

It whispers in my ear

I trembled and boiled when the sun was a squalling child...

Splintered Affection by A-In Choi


You lay your head against my skin

‘I need you,’ you had whispered into me

So I fed you wildberries that painted your grin...

Megan Kazembe


Death, an abundance of free-flying fireflies,

Glistening, glowing, their dance surreal.

They prance and perch in twilight skies,...

Chloe Wilson


I want to sit in the champagne gardens,

where the roses

are frost-tipped and...

What a World by Aino Kummola

Our destiny is to be alive not fight against the lungs that carry us in this world,

We ought to see beauty, but we desire to see compassion in our filth,...

Mother's Food by Marwa Bhuiyan


Her countenance is one of vigilance as she adorns the table with her grace; I, meanwhile,

endeavor to place my heart into her keeping...

Ecstasy's Combative Noise by Marwa Bhuiyan


The symphony that permeates the grace of her existence and the peculiar force of

self-indulgence, discharged through a grander vibration — it cannot be prescribed...

Riches of This Forest by Marwa Bhuiyan


The turbulence entailed by the gulls who chant above — their capsizing strength, evidenced by

the mass of the conformative's devotion below

The Snatched Limbs by Marwa Bhuiyan


At the center of my speech is a dye of gimmick — an unidentified myth of crippling bliss emerges

to depict the concealed torment of my tongue...

Three Hours of Lost Merit by Marwa Bhuiyan


The projected shadow of hesitation morphs my footsteps into a fiend of tremors — following my

voyage beyond, quivering at the melody of rapturous triumph...

Good Old Times by Hazel Alexander


I look around me,

and I can't catch a single eye

and as another person sighs

their eyes engrossed on a screen...

The Monster by Marly Ehab


Pollution, the monster that devours

Slowly consuming out earth, hour by hour

We fail to notice until it's too late...

It Doesn't Matter by Jana Kassem


It doesn't matter.

What we once thought was forever is a dream to the future.

What have we done!...

We're all Just Jellyfish by Brooke Heritage


We're all just jellyfish

Luminescent and bright but you can see right through us

We're complex creatures

Going with the flow

Riding the waves...

An Ode to my Home by Lauren Blackwelder


My home lays in the woods, among ancient

Trees that kiss the sky; dancing in the breeze.

Beneath their branches live wise kind creatures.

An elk whose antlers stretch towards the sun,

Like spring's first fresh flower; bright and gentle...

Intertwined by Lauren Blackwelder


Two budding souls are born in the Spring;

Their roots are intertwined, grown from the stars

Rising to summer skies, whilst the birds sing,

Such life and beauty had from Earth's scars...

Seasons of Change by Lauren Blackwelder


Winds of Spring

The first breath of Spring,

One of gentle wind in morn;

Reminds me of you...

Nature Fights by Mackenzie Reynolds


Mother Nature watches from afar as we chop her trees, she weeps as we kill her sea, she panics as the sky fills with debri, and she rages at the fires we have created...

Betrayal by Lynn Swett



They banish you for berating it

Their society which belittles you for being who you are

Which besmirches you for boldness...