Submit to us!

We are accepting submissions for anyone from the ages 12-20! We welcome you to submit your writing, artwork, and photography from anywhere in the world. Our first issue will hopefully be uploaded in August. Please help us by submitting your incredible work! For each issue there will be a cover, so we are also calling for cover art submissions as well. We plan to publish your work on a daily basis and issues monthly. Submissions are accepted all year long.

How to Submit

Our magazine is focused on writing and artwork centered around the environment and environmental issues. We strongly recommend submitting work related to the natural world in order to be selected. This is a welcoming space for you to express your feelings about nature and humanity's effects on earth. Your work could inspire to a far greater extent than you could imagine, so don't be afraid to submit anything you have. We welcome all types of poetry, fiction, article, creative writing, artwork, and photography.

  1. Any work with explicit violent or sexual content as well as hate speech/discrimination.

  2. Writing over 5000 words

  3. Artwork or photography over seven pieces

  4. Work that has been published previously in another literary journal, website, or book

  1. Send us your work to our google form: or in a pdf (strongly recommended) or .docx file

  2. Put the title of your piece followed by a dash line and then the genre of your work in the subject line (Ex: Title- Poetry)

  3. In the email include a brief biography of yourself including your name, age, where you live, and any accomplishments/hobbies. Make sure to write this in third person! This will be uploaded to the contributors section.

  4. We accept simultaneous submissions either in one or multiple emails.

  5. For artwork/photography, make sure to specify if your are submitting the piece for the cover art or the artwork/photography section. If your cover art is not chosen, it will be added to the artwork or photography section as well as in our issues. You may only submit one piece for the cover art but you can submit up to seven pieces for the section.

  6. We will get back to you in 2-8 weeks if your work is submitted to the magazine!